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Wondering what you should do if you face water or flood damage? We have tips and tricks to follow whether or not you have a commercial or residential property. Commercial property damage often requires more time and can be more expensive as the property is larger and we accommodate for business hours. We do not want to be intrusive and allow you to lose more money. Residential water damage can be easier to fix as it is often isolated to one specific area. In both cases we offer off site storage during the restoration.

Commercial or Residential Property Damage

  1. Turn off the main water supply
  2. Turn off power
  3. Gather personal belongings
  4. Exit the property and do your best to document the damage for insurance claim purposes

Our procedures: 

Cold water extraction to remove all standing water, in place drying to properly air the affected areas out and reduce the smell of mildew. Sanitization to remove potentially harmful mold growths, and deodorization for any remaining smells. All of these procedures are completed by an IICRC-certified technician who is trained in multiple areas of property damage restoration.


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