Fire Sprinkler Water Damage

Fire sprinklers are lifesavers when they go off in cases of fire.  However, when activation happens accidentally it can cause real water damage to a property. Affecting drywall, ceiling, floors, furniture and documents in permanent ways it will get even worse if you wait to repair the damage. Damage to your property can crumble a business.

Common Factors of Accidental Fire Sprinkler Damage:

– Overheating
– Corrosion
– Mechanical damage
– Manufacturing defect
– Installation flaw

As you look at these factors, you might think that these are not things you can’t control, but one thing you can control: the actions you undertake once water damage has occurred. The first and most important thing to do is to call a licensed and professional contractor. Think of us as your number one reliable partner in such unfortunate situations. We will put all our efforts into reducing the damage and getting your location to its previous ideal state.

Emergency cold water extraction, cold water clean-up and restoration require special equipment and highly qualified technicians. Burbank Water Damage has both of them and we’re only 30 minutes away!  We remove all standing water, develop a custom drying plan and restore your property while you focus on keeping your life and your business on track.

We are here to limit your loss before it expands, and to repair and restore your property in order to bring it back to its original condition.  Years of hard work and dedication have made our company recommended as a fast and reliable business partner for those in need of water damage restoration services.

When facing water damage emergencies, think no more!  Call Burbank Water Damage at (818) 570-8423 and be relieved knowing that your property is in good hands.

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