Restoration Service

Repair and Restoration Experts

When you call us in such emergency cases, we make sure that our highly qualified experts reach your location as quickly as possible and take the appropriate measures to reduce the existing damage and minimize the future loss. We put all our efforts into taking the best and most efficient measures within the 48 hours, knowing that beyond that time permanent water damage, mold formation and bacteria growth appear.


• Water Extraction
• Advanced Fast-Drying
• Cleanup & Disinfection
• Sewage Removal
• Temporary Off-Site Storage
• Waste Disposal
• After-Hours Service
• Insurance Claim Processing

Restoration Process:

1. Assessment: We’ll provide you with a damage assessment. by locating the source of the water, and seek out hidden moisture pockets behind walls, beneath floors boards and between different stories of the building. We pay great attention to the loss evaluation phase because we want to make sure you receive maximum coverage from your insurance company. At the end of this stage, we will provide you a full report and all the necessary advice in order to fill in the claim.

2. Protection: Our primary mission is to make sure the existing damage is reduced and the potential future one is kept to its minimum. Therefore, if we are dealing with a large amount of water we will take measures to prevent the damage from spreading to other locations, too.

3. Extraction: In order to rapidly remove any excess standing water, we use special vacuum systems and submersible pumps that will save us time and allow us to move to the next step.

4. Drying: At this stage, we bring in air-movers to remove any existing moisture from carpets, wood or concrete. We perform this step with maximum attention and we do not leave the site until your assets are completely dried out.

5. Cleanup: After water damage strikes, your home or office may be filled with residues and unwanted odors. This is when our restoration team steps in and dedicates all its efforts into bringing your property back to its previous condition.

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