Cold Water Extraction

Professional Cold Water Extraction Services

Under no circumstances should you try dealing with cold water extraction on your own. Feeling overwhelmed? Contact Burbank Water Damage, as you do not possess the adequate equipment to complete such a task. Don’t wait or waste precious time compromising your assets as they may face irreparable damage.

Leaking pipes, refrigerators or overflowing toilet cause water damage unexpectedly, and acting fast will save you from further damage. In such unfortunate cases, our professional cold-water extraction team is your best ally.

Common Causes We Can Fix Now

Some of the most common emergencies cases we attend to are caused by:
• Washer Overflow
• Pipe Bursts
• Bathroom Overflow
• Slab Leaks
• Floods
• Water Heater Leaks
• Fire Sprinkler Water Damage
• Sewer Backup
• Water Abatement

What We Do

When removing a large amount of water from your property, proper extracting equipment must be used to properly remove the water. Cold-water extraction is done “in-place”. Water is extracted from both carpet and pad simultaneously. This procedure keeps carpet padding in place allowing it to dry out properly.

Our experienced technicians will extract cold water from a house, office, beneath furniture and flooring or behind walls using state of the art equipment. You can put all your trust in Burbank Water Damage as a partner who invests in constant training of its staff according to the latest regulations.

Call Burbank Water Damage for immediate on site service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us day or night (818) 570-8423

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